The journey wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of:


Written, Directed & Produced by

David Ridley

Martin Ingle

Gawky Media


Executive Producers

Michael Craft

Sally Ingle


Consulting Producers

Michael Angus

Cameron Cliff

Sue Swinburne

Associate Producers

Bridget and Philip Ingle

Mandy and Peter Ridley

Caitlin Johnston

Mary Stephen

Derek & Margaret Allton

Alexander Ridley

Lea Withnall

Kerry Holland

Sally Baker

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox

Scott Sneddon

Nicholas Allton

Catherine Rodgers

Samantha McKillop

Andrea Kowalewski

Special Thanks

Stephen Leek, composer, friend, and mentor

Scott Sneddon aka Scott Wings, writer, performance poet and all-round champ

Isabella Prasmania & Lauren Rendell, for hospitality and rocky road

Chris Gardjito, for intimate Sydney traffic know-how

Ellie Malbon, for generosity and kindness of spirit

Ruben Francis, for friendship and wine and a trip across half of Melbourne

Freddy and Natalia Angel, for housing weary travellers and showing the best of Mildura nightlife

George Laughton, for patience under a barrage of our phone calls

Simon Barnes, for a GPS... to our hearts

Steve Galea, for last minute house-swapping

Jacqueline Henson, for a warm cottage on our coldest, wettest nights

Maddy Baker, for laughs and wine on our final night

Self Storage Australia, for accommodation in lonely cities


And of course, all our loyal crowd funding supporters:

Rashmi Kaleka

Liz & Michel

Jonathon Black

Lauren Rendell

Jack Lovejoy

Maren Preuss

Andrea Kowalewski

Liam Heyen

Elana Wilson

Sue Swinburne

Andrea Kent

Katy Carroll

Hannah Cliff

Daniel Rice

Ruben Francis

Bede Wilson

Julie Walker

Jessica Field

James Woods

Heidi Schramm

Ryan Goodwin

Helen Cowley

Wendy Charlton

Hayley MacFarlane

Mary Ryan

Liana Beukes

Lachlan Hughes

Carlo Angelo

Aimee-Paige Sheriff

Elena Schak

Carolyn Crossley

Eleanor Malbon

Tamika Wood

Jazz Meyer

Daniel Grindrod

Simon Taylor

Jeanette Mitchell