into the middle of things

Australia unearthed, one interview at a time.

Australia is a diverse and captivating land, and so are the humans who live there. From the hilarious to the heartbreaking, from the poignant to the downright weird, we travelled across the country listening to the stories of complete strangers, told from their own mouths.

Farmers, Aboriginal elders, a butterfly man, a Buddhist monk, a Vietnam vet, a witchdoctor and even a nudist. What are their hopes? Their disappointments? Their memories? Their dreams?

From March 2015, you will get to meet who we found on our journey across the country. With one new interview released every week from diverse and fascinating characters all over Australia, join this nationwide conversation about love, loss and the deeper things of life. The diversity and depth of these people's experiences put our own lives into perspective, and we hope to share that discovery with you too.

Come with us, Into the Middle of Things.