the human life, from the mouths of those who've lived it...

Throughout Into the Middle of Things, filmmakers David Ridley and Martin Ingle travel from large capital cities to small forgotten towns across Australia. Their non-invasive presence and disarming, frank and honest interview style emboldens complete strangers to tell intimate tales from a diverse and eclectic range of lives.

From a haunted Vietnam veteran to a young girl wagging school, a long-grieving stockman, a Buddhist monk, an Aboriginal elder, a Muslim family man and a North Coast nudist, these carefully crafted interviews, rich with wry humour and delicate insight, become a portal into the very things that unite us.

As the seasons morph from Spring through to Winter and the surrounding Australian landscape changes from humid tropical North to the cold and windy South, these captivating stories and personalities are placed alongside the landscape itself to create an emotional and compelling portrait of Contemporary Australian Life – a time capsule for our time.

Part documentary, part social history, part travelog, Into the Middle of Things lays the vast Australian landscape as a backdrop to provide the emotion centre for a compelling and rewarding glimpse into the human soul.

Come with us, Into the Middle of Things.