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into the middle of things

Australia unearthed, one interview at a time.

Australia is diverse and captivating, and so are the humans who live there. From the hilarious to the heartbreaking, from the poignant to the downright weird, we travelled across the country listening to the stories of complete strangers, told from their own mouths.

Farmers, Aboriginal elders, a butterfly man, a Buddhist monk, a Vietnam vet, a witchdoctor and even a nudist. What are their hopes? Their disappointments? Their memories? Their dreams?

From March 2015, you will get to meet who we found on our journey across the country. With one new interview released every week from diverse and fascinating characters all over Australia, join this nationwide conversation about love, loss and the deeper things of life. The diversity and depth of these people's experiences put our own lives into perspective, and we hope to share that discovery with you too.

Come with us, Into the Middle of Things.






"It's good for me, telling the story..."

Trigger warning: Suicide, Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Nicole's story is one of hope. We came across Nicole in Campbell Town, Tasmania, and she told us her story: from the police force to entrepreneur and finally getting control over her mental illness, she told us that even from the darkest of times, there is a way through. Have you ever experienced difficulties with your mental health? Has it made you feel ashamed, stigmatised or terrified to speak out?

If you need to talk something through with somebody, you can visit for more support and information

or call 1300 22 4636 any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here are some other very helpful services:

13 11 14

Suicide Call Back Service (24/7)
1300 659 467

If it's an emergency, call 000

There is always somebody who will listen and help.


Most of us aspire to be like our parents, but what if the thing that haunted you was to be just that?



"I needed someone else to tell me what was wrong with me..."

Through out her life, Anastasia has struggled with an intensely self critical eye which has threatened her career, relationships and sense of self worth.



A Child of Divorce & Questioning Everything

Mitch grew up in a strictly religious household. In his own words, it has has had a negative impact on his life. It has taught him something valuable, though: to question everything he is told and find the truth for himself.



Career or family?

Upon developing an unquenchable passion for flight, helicopter pilot Rachel was faced with the difficult prospect of putting on hold - or perhaps abandoning completely - any plans for raising a family.



Do you feel like a wise man?

Throughout his nearly eighty years of life, Pompey has been a stockman, a police tracker, and now an elder of his community. We asked him if after all this he felt like a wise man.

He said no.



Bonus Episode

On Friday 1 May 2015, there was a record downpour in SE Queensland, causing widespread flash flooding. On the Bruce Highway, thousands of motorists were trapped bumper to bumper, some for up to eight hours. We were stuck in the middle of it all... but had our camera gear in the car. When you are stranded in the dark, wet and cold with thousands of other strangers for hours on end, where does your mind wander to?

We interviewed some of the total strangers who became our neighbours and captured the bizarre community that sprung up during our time trapped there.



"Life's a sh*t sandwich, the more bread you've got, the less sh*t you've got to eat."

After nearly losing his arm in a life-changing coal mining accident after years of working underground, Chris now runs a small gym and trains young boxers in Newcastle, one of Australia's notoriously tough towns.

Chris' interview has a language warning.



"Think of yourself as an onion..."

Through her many years as a nurse, and raising children of her own, Trish has a unique insight into how a child's personality is formed - from their very first interactions with others.



"The past cripples you, but the future liberates..."

Born in a Sudanese jail in the midst of a civil war, Abe escaped a possible future as a child soldier and managed to make it to Australia as a refugee with his mother and seven brothers and sisters.

The secret emotional and psychological toll of this is still catching up with him today.



"Love's not a real word, I don't think..."

Dry-docked in the carpark of the Darwin Yacht Club you'll find Robb, an ex-pat and ex-con who once died three times in the same day. At seventeen years old, he was in jail and had just found out he was a father to a child he was told he'd never meet.

He thinks we've got it wrong when it comes to Love.



"People don't understand happiness..."

When she was only seventeen, Megan moved to Sydney with dreams of becoming an actress. So how was it that we found her thirty years later walking her gorgeous bloodhound along a quiet lane in rural Victoria?

A quiet, simple and heartfelt interview.



Skinhead turned butterfly farmer

When we drove into the tropical town of Batchelor, NT, we asked around who the biggest character was. We were instantly told to go find the Butterfly Man.

But what we found was not just a butterfly man; he had been a skinhead, a soldier, an oil rig worker, a bouncer, and his journey had somehow led him to tend to butterflies in a small Northern Territory town.



Love, grief, sexuality

Lauren was in Brisbane at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. At no older than 20 she has experienced the love and loss of a much older person.

A challenging, confronting, and hilarious interview but an incredibly moving one.



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